RSS in Plain English

A very simple explanation of why (and how) you might want to use a feed-reader.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Zentation is an on-line service that allows you to add a video track to a pre-existing Powerpoint presentation. You host the Video on GoogleVideo, upload your presentation to the Zentation site and then synch the two together. As an example, this is a presentation given by the Head of IT and Media Services at the University of Wales in 2006 (and yes, he should have taken more effort over the sound quality).

IWMW 2006: Developing A Web 2.0 Strategy
Talk by Michael Web on ‘Developing A Web 2.0 Strategy’ by Michael Webb at IWMW 2006 event.

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Welcome to the soap factory

The first rule of blogging is “write about what you know” – so I’ve split off another site to write about web2 from a technical/dry perspective. The next 18 months are going to be massively challenging to IT Services just as much as to anyone else – the soap factory is where I’ll talk about the detail of what it feels like to be flipped on your head. First post is just a link: network operating systems – coming our way.

Enrollment de-stressor

Stumbling around in the ICT blogosphere I come across ict in my classroom, a blog by Tom Barret about his use of ICT in a primary/nursery school in Nottingham, and this absolutely lovely link: morning sunshine is a collection 0f 60 interactive games that he describes as “utterly, jaw-droppingly beautiful.” and they are. He uses them to teach foundation pupils mouse control skills – my favourite at the moment is The Bottom of the Sea and I reckon a little burst of that every now and then over the next 3 weeks should do me no end of good.

I forgot how to write!

Mark Cuban blogs about finding himself in a meeting without any technology he can type or thumb type on. End conclusion – he’s forgotten how to do cursive script effectively. I was a bit skeptical at first (because I *love* to write even though I can type) but looking at the comments, a whole slew of people pop up to tell the same story – someone says “isn’t that like doing math without a calculator or excel?” A student, who’s “too poor to own a laptop” recounts the cycle he goes through when he doesn’t have access to a computer – someone else says “Just don’t try to write cursive. Its more dead than Latin is.” The general consensus seems to be that you’ll pick it up again, soon enough, if you’re forced to do it – but no-one wants to. What strange times.

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