linking into college hosted resources

As a test, I thought I’d see if I can link into firewalled resources from a url hosted in the wild. Obviously this won’t work outside the firewall but it “should” work within the college?



[a short while later] And of course, it works. You get a pop up to login (but you only need to do this once per session). So… does this make for a coherent experience for students? You’d probably need to flag links as being internal only.


4 thoughts on “linking into college hosted resources

  1. martin king September 5, 2007 / 1:58 pm


    Cool – I can see how this would allow for the teacher centric page or even the studnet centric page across areas.

    It would be frightening if you had found a way through to firewalled resources – the MLE links are on in the “DMZ”.

    Now – What’s the difference between this and just putting in a standard link on a web page

  2. rdsc September 5, 2007 / 6:01 pm

    Good point :) Hadn’t thought of that, though it does look neater to have a visual indication rather than the full url. Ok – I was bit vague about what I meant – does resolve from an external DNS? I didn’t think it did from what Liz said in her blog. I don’t understand why url’s on her SOW aren’t accessible to people outside her classgroup.

  3. martin king September 8, 2007 / 11:15 pm


    This isn’t an issue with URLS’s and DNS but with the design of the MLE – the way it is structured around SOWs makes it unnatural perhaps diffilcut to access materials on other courses – not sure of permissions play a part also. and are on the external DNS and they are external servers.

  4. jeremia June 17, 2009 / 2:18 pm

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