10 steps to Web2 loveliness

1 – Think up a new password.

You’re going to need it. You can’t do Web2 without signing up to a ton of stuff and it helps if you’ve got a password where you can think – “Web2! – thats….. b2telishus” or whatever. Not the same as work. Trust me – in 18 months time you’ll be glad you made the distinction.

2 – Get a Google account.

Now. Go here and sign up. If you don’t have one already jettison the feeling that it’s all moving too fast and just get on the wave – it takes about 60 seconds. (and once you’re on the wave….things look different).

3 – Get a blog.

Now. Go here, or here or here. If you don’t have one already…. whatever, I said that already, but you get my drift. At some point when you’re signing up it will ask you if you want your blog to be “public” or “private”. Check “private”. (This means you can play in peace – no-one goes live from Day1).

4 – Get a reader.

Now. Go here or here or here. If you don’t have one already jettison….repeating myself again. Just do it. Now.

5 – Pause.

You’ve done all the easy bits – now it’s time to think about content/purpose. This is the good bit, because once you’ve got all the tools sorted out you can start thinking about what you really want to say, (and what you really want to learn).

6 – Say what you want.

There are 2 clear rules in blogging:

  1. Talk about what you know – what you’re passionate about.
  2. Be your own authority (My blog – my rules)

7 – Find the Motherlode.

Whatever field you are expert in, someone has already blogged it – which means there are exemplars on-line now, who have already gone through steps 1-6 above. Find them.

8 – Don’t be afraid to share.

No-one expects a blog to be full of unique/original content, it’s not that egoistic. Even if 150,000 people have already blogged a presentation/post/service it’s ony boring to post it if your friends have already been there.

9 – Read your peers.

It’s not a one way thing – that’s why you need to get a reader.

10 – This page intentionally left blank.


One thought on “10 steps to Web2 loveliness

  1. Liz B in ESOL September 13, 2007 / 12:01 pm

    This is really useful, Richard. I’m going to use it to spread the word!

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