vocalfruits – testing, testing, testing

Vocalfruits is a site that promises to take an RSS feed and turn it into a Voice feed (it’s tagline is “Compose your vocal information system”). I’ve only just signed up for it and don’t really get how it works yet – but as a test I’ve registered my first feed (this page) and I’m supposed to get a voice called KATE to read it back to me.

If I’m being a bit vague it’s because the site isn’t massively clear – translated from French I would guess and without much of a tour – it’s a partner to a site called xFruits that offers a variety of widgets for mashing RSS feeds and/or converting them to post/mobile/mail formats – but it made me go “Wow!” when I saw it and Web2.0 is a lot about the wow. So I’ve stuck some code in a text widget at the top of the page – lets see what it does.


2 thoughts on “vocalfruits – testing, testing, testing

  1. martin king September 19, 2007 / 5:49 pm

    It wants me to log-in- is it possible to publish a text to voice for guests

  2. rdsc September 20, 2007 / 3:30 pm

    They give you about 5 different urls for different outputs – the one under the button now should take you to a public page with mp3 precis of each post. It truncates the translation after two lines – not sure if this is a bug or because it’s the free version. Only looking at it as a technology demonstration anyway – but I still think there’s a bit of ‘wow!’ Writing this on the Vye btw.

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