Zamzar – file conversion

Zamzar is an online service that converts a humongous number of different file formats – it’s worth trying out if someone sends you an attachment that you can’t open – or you need to convert between different office/av/audio/multimedia formats.

The caveat is that it shouldn’t be used to convert confidential files/documents, as the converted file is left on their servers on a publicly accessible page for a day (it’d be pretty unlikely that anyone would find it, but still.)


2 thoughts on “Zamzar – file conversion

  1. martin king October 2, 2007 / 8:28 pm

    Potentially really, really useful.

    Have you managed to get a conversion though – I uploaded a .pdf asked to convert to .dc and gave my yahoo mailbox but never got the document delivered – i tried 3 times and gave up.

    one worry is that sites like this could harvest email addresses and your documents so be careful what documents you upload for conversion

  2. rdsc October 2, 2007 / 9:15 pm

    Yeah – converted a .WPS file to word in about 3 minutes. It might be susceptible to load, it’s been pretty widely linked. I wouldn’t use a college mail for most web2.0 services.

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