sesame street goes web2.0

I think the voices would drive me nuts after not a very long time – but hey ho, it’s not aimed at me. It’s an immersive, multi-lingual, 2D multi-user virtual environment for kids, no less, (or an IMLMUVEFK as we say in the business).

Panwapa home page - picture


Google – resources for UK Schools

Google have put up a resource page here, to help teachers use their tools (Search, Maps, Earth, Images and News). It’s got lesson plans, classroom ideas and links to other Google sponsored projects such as digitalexplorer and the Google UK Carbon Footprint Project (or GUKCFP as we call it :). It’s aimed at Secondary Educators but there’s some nice stuff there and some pretty innovative links – the CarbonGame for instance is a live – pan european simulation, where European schools compete against each other in a carbon trading game.

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the web is becoming automatic

One of the things about putting an output (rss) on your web-presence is that people can do helpful/interesting/surprising things with it. This is a trivial example, but Andy Powell at Eduserve wanted to make an easy way to subscribe to all the blogs nominated for the Edublog awards. A few technical glitches later he realised that he could plug it into Tony Hirst’s OPML Dashboard and produce a single page that lists the last 5 posts by all the candidates. Easy-peasy – and as he said, cool.

The results are in, and no surprise Dy/Dan won best new blog: you should read him, he’s on fire.


students 2.0

Can’t say it looks *that* International to me: 6 from the US and one each from Scotland and Korea – and I’m not that sure I think of students as being particularly “silent” – and surely I’ve seen some population figures that question the majority bit – and the music was a bit luke warm and…. but I shouldn’t be churlish. I know I’m going to stick it in my reader come Monday: good luck to ’em.