IBM Virtual World Guidelines

IBM have published a “Code of Conduct” for employees who venture into Virtual worlds, to all round excitement in the blogosphere. It’s interesting enough – not the least because they’re encouraging it. You kind of think of IBM as a big, rather unprepossessing lump, but they did the same for blogging a while back – and a lot of people stole their ideas.

IBM believes that virtual worlds and other 3D Internet environments offer significant opportunity to our company, our clients and the world at large, as they evolve, grow in use and popularity, and become more integrated into many aspects of business and society. As an innovation-based company, IBM encourages employees to explore responsibly and to further the development of such new spaces of relationship-building, learning and collaboration. As we engage in these new environments, IBMers should follow and be guided first and foremost by our values and our Business Conduct Guidelines.

via eightbar