Pamelia Kurstin – the untouchable music

I’ve never seen anyone play the theremin quite like this before – around 2.50mins she starts playing *Double Bass* lines on it – and such concentration – wow. Vodpod videos no longer available. from


Oh, and she’s on John Zorn’s label too :)


coming to a wall near you soon

A good example of how mixed technologies can pretty the place up a bit. It’s a macro display system that responds to mobile txt input with movement and sound.

In each installation, participants send their thoughts and questions via SMS and voicemail. The responses are then projected and added to a dynamic spatialized audio composition.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now – what was it we were going to do with the wall of the EIM?


Cogdogroo is an absolutely fantastic wiki by Alan Levine about how to tell stories/deliver presentations using Web2.0 tools – he starts of with this version of the Cinderalla story as a demonstration of how not to do it, (though I have to say I think it’s rather good).

He then goes to on to deliver a workshop on “50 Web2.0 Ways to Tell a Story” – great tips on “prompts”, what you can do if you’re stuck about what to say; and then goes straight into doing it.

Why is it called “50 Web2.0 Ways to Tell a Story”? Because, having outlined the story he’s going to tell (the story of Dominoe), he then goes on to recreate it (gulp) using 50 of the on-line presentation tools available now – everything from photo slideshows to timelines to video mashups and beyond. He gives a brief review of the services as he goes – good stuff. The quickest way to look through it is to check his Webslides (that way you’ll also see which services aren’t working at the moment :)


Rotoball Homepage

Neat collaborative art project. Students contribute a 15 sec rotoscoped clip of themselves receiving a black ball from the left of the screen – transforming it – and then passing it out of the right of the screen. So far schools from China, New Zealand and the US are signed up, the end date is March 08 and the result will be screened at the Shanghai film festival and you-tubed.

via Classroom2.0