the web is becoming automatic

One of the things about putting an output (rss) on your web-presence is that people can do helpful/interesting/surprising things with it. This is a trivial example, but Andy Powell at Eduserve wanted to make an easy way to subscribe to all the blogs nominated for the Edublog awards. A few technical glitches later he realised that he could plug it into Tony Hirst’s OPML Dashboard and produce a single page that lists the last 5 posts by all the candidates. Easy-peasy – and as he said, cool.

The results are in, and no surprise Dy/Dan won best new blog: you should read him, he’s on fire.



students 2.0

Can’t say it looks *that* International to me: 6 from the US and one each from Scotland and Korea – and I’m not that sure I think of students as being particularly “silent” – and surely I’ve seen some population figures that question the majority bit – and the music was a bit luke warm and…. but I shouldn’t be churlish. I know I’m going to stick it in my reader come Monday: good luck to ’em.