Google – resources for UK Schools

Google have put up a resource page here, to help teachers use their tools (Search, Maps, Earth, Images and News). It’s got lesson plans, classroom ideas and links to other Google sponsored projects such as digitalexplorer and the Google UK Carbon Footprint Project (or GUKCFP as we call it :). It’s aimed at Secondary Educators but there’s some nice stuff there and some pretty innovative links – the CarbonGame for instance is a live – pan european simulation, where European schools compete against each other in a carbon trading game.

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Mindmeister is an online Mindmapping tool – it allows simultaneous editing by multiple users and is designed for collaborative work. You can upload mindmaps done in Mindmanager – and export your work in a variety of formats as well as publishing to the web, it evens keeps a history of the changes you’ve made so you can revert to an earlier version if things go wrong. There’s a limit of 6 maps for the free account, and no RSS feed (boo..) but it’s *so* easy to use, I’ll forgive them.

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