Cogdogroo is an absolutely fantastic wiki by Alan Levine about how to tell stories/deliver presentations using Web2.0 tools – he starts of with this version of the Cinderalla story as a demonstration of how not to do it, (though I have to say I think it’s rather good).

He then goes to on to deliver a workshop on “50 Web2.0 Ways to Tell a Story” – great tips on “prompts”, what you can do if you’re stuck about what to say; and then goes straight into doing it.

Why is it called “50 Web2.0 Ways to Tell a Story”? Because, having outlined the story he’s going to tell (the story of Dominoe), he then goes on to recreate it (gulp) using 50 of the on-line presentation tools available now – everything from photo slideshows to timelines to video mashups and beyond. He gives a brief review of the services as he goes – good stuff. The quickest way to look through it is to check his Webslides (that way you’ll also see which services aren’t working at the moment :)


One Laptop Per Child, Reviewed by a 12-Year-Old

And a very articulate 12 year old at that. Reading through the comments it appears s/he is reviewing the Beta2 version, which may explain their experience of the machine as being “slow”; and s/he criticises the battery life, but otherwise it’s a favourable review. Pictures of the OLPC can be found here and a history of the project (including criticisms) can of course be found on Wikipedia.