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Cool – I’ve no idea why/how, but this thingy-me-jig rates my blog as being high-school level reading. That’ll do me.


Enrollment de-stressor

Stumbling around in the ICT blogosphere I come across ict in my classroom, a blog by Tom Barret about his use of ICT in a primary/nursery school in Nottingham, and this absolutely lovely link: morning sunshine is a collection 0f 60 interactive games that he describes as “utterly, jaw-droppingly beautiful.” and they are. He uses them to teach foundation pupils mouse control skills – my favourite at the moment is The Bottom of the Sea and I reckon a little burst of that every now and then over the next 3 weeks should do me no end of good.

Statetris – rote learning 21st Century Style

Might as well start off with something simple and fun that works. This is a very simple mash-up of Tetris and a map of the US; slot the States in the right place against the clock. I started off with a time of 11:50 (“What planet do you come from!”) and after about 2 hours (it’s quite addictive) ended up with a score of 2:26 (“Your surname must be Columbus!”). I very definitely know where Oregon is now though, ( and if you want a little tip for dealing with Wisconsin….no, that would be spoiling it :)

via BionicTeaching